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OCTOBER 20-22, 2011


This 26th Statutory conference of the AIFUCTO held in Kanyakumari on October 20-22, 2011 resolves that the Golden Jubilee year celebrations begin from today. In the background of the grave socio-economic crisis with reference to field of education and teachers, employees and students in the country, the conference has noted with deep concern that

  1. While the revised pay scales for University and College teachers, as per the 6th pay commission have enhanced the economic status of the teachers, there is a large community of teachers outside the domain of UGC/AICTE pay scales, appointed as contractual teachers/guest lecturers in self financing institutions, in particular institutions under the faculty of technology. These teachers work on a pittance with no security of service and no avenues of promotions/career advancement.

  2. While the MHRD notification revised the pay scale w.e.f. 1.1.2006, the actual implementation in most states has taken place in 2009 and thereafter resulting in the arrears due to difference of pay scales in 5th and 6th pay scheme.

  3. While as per MHRD notification Central Government was committed to give 80% of the arrears and the rest to be borne by the State Governments, the MHRD imposed the condition of extension of superannuation age to 65 years as mandatory for the states to receive this 80% of the Central Government share.

  4. While most states have not released the 20% share fully, they have also not been in a position to extend the retirement age to 65 years; whereby teachers have remained deprived of their due arrears.

  5. While the UGC Regulations 2010 have introduced several stringent conditions for CAS of teachers making it extremely difficult for teachers to reach the stage of Associate Professor and Professor; the implementation of UGC’s scheme of pay revision has led to several anomalies creating discrepancies and not giving full benefit of pay revision; also implementation of filling of Professor’s post in colleges has not been done in letter and spirit of UGC’s scheme.

  6. Meanwhile several reforms in higher education are sought to be introduced as part of neo-liberal policy of the Government and the Prime Minister and Planning Commission Chairman are firmly pushing for these reforms in all official fora. Many new bills are introduced in the Parliament most notably the ones on NCHER, Private Universities and Foreign universities. This is an attempt to legitimize greater withdrawal of the Government from funding of education and greater commercialization of education with no Government regulation and no social control.

  7. Simultaneously there is an attack on the democratic educational structure of the country and participatory democratic governance of the Universities; most grave being the recent ordinance in the West Bengal passed by the cabinet dissolving all elected bodies of the State Universities and replacing them with nominated bodies. The attempt to reduce democratic representation in the universities is also seen in the recently released recommendation of Kakodkar Committee in Maharashtra appointed by the State Government.

  8. The introduction of PFRDA Bill in the Parliament is a serious attempt by the Government to privatise the pension funds affecting the social security of all sections of working people including teachers.

  9. The strong pursuance of neo-liberal economic policy in the field of education is leading to a lopsided development in expansion of education, further disturbing the aspects of social justice and equity. The policy of reservation for backward sections is the biggest victim in this situation. Simultaneously, the concentration of educational institutions in urban areas is depriving the remote and backward regions from benefits of spread of higher education.

Taking stock of this situation, this 26th Statutory Conference of AIFUCTO resolves to build up a movement in the country for:

  1. Payment of all pending dues/arrears from both Central and State Governments before the end of 2011.

  2. Payment of pay scales to teachers in self-financing colleges/courses as per UGC/AICTE norms

  3. Rectification of anomalies in the 5th and 6th pay regulations.

  4. Implementation of UGC Regulations 2010 prospectively.

  5. Measures for complete parity of teachers, DPEs and Librarians.

  6. Withdrawal of Bills on NCHER, Private universities and Foreign Universities.

  7. Measures to stop commercialization of education and to bring self financing institutions under social control and UGC/AICTE regulations.

  8. Withdrawal of PFRDA bill.

  9. Withdrawal of Ordinance passed by West Bengal Government and restoration of participatory democratic governance of Universities and Colleges with immediate effect.

  10. Strengthening of public funded education and increase in the allocation of funds for higher education to prevent marginalisation of weaker sections like SC/ST and women in remote and backward sections and economically backward sections in the field of higher education.

  11. Building co-ordinated struggles with other sections of working people to resist attacks on livelihoods and social security measures by the Government.

The Conference further gives a call to affiliated units

  1. To participate in the signature campaign and a March to Parliament on 25-11-2011 at the call of National Committee to oppose PFRDA Bill

  2. To participate in all programmes including Court Arrest program in the winter session of the Parliament to be announced by NEC.

                   Asok Barman,                                                                           Tarun Kumar Patra
           Gen.Secretary, AIFUCTO                                                             President, AIFUCTO


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