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NEC Meeting and Meeting with Kapil Sibal


Prof.Asok Barman
General Secretary


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Important Communication from the General Secretary

The AIFUCTO NEC meeting was held on 17th May, 2010 at Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi.

The meeting reviewed the latest developments in the implementation of pay scales in different states and expressed concern at the non-implementation of the pay scales in Bihar, Jharkhand and Manipur. However, an agreement was signed between the agitating teachers’ organizations and the State govt. of Bihar. In the other States negotiations are going on.


Since the Notification of UGC Regulations is of utmost importance to the young teachers, whose CAS hinges on it, the General Secretary reported on the latest development of the UGC recommended version pending now with MHRD . He elaborated the efforts made to ensure the release of inclusive and pragmatic regulations. On the issue of anomalies arising from 1996 and 2006 pay scales, the General Secretary pointed out that the long standing demand of CAS from 1.1.1996 and the higher start of Rs14940 were taken up with the MHRD again. The NEC members discussed various issues and provided guidance to the leadership on future course of action, including holding of negotiations with the central and state govts. to protect the interest of the teachers.


The leadership met Sri Kapil Sibal, the Hon’ble Minister-HRD the same day and submitted a memorandum highlighting the AIFUCTO demands. Please find a copy of it in our website. The minister was accompanied by Smt.Viva Puri Das, Secretary, Higher Education and Sri Sunil Kumar, Joint Secretary, Higher Education.Sri Sibal assured the AIFUCTO leadership that he would consider the AIFUCTO demands.

The leadership had a meeting with Sri Uma Shankar, Director, Higher Education and discussed in detail various issues with special reference to the anomaly of 2006 pay scales leading to juniors – with Phd/ M Phil, getting higher salary than pre 2006 PhD/M Phil holders. Sri Uma Shankar informed that he had discussed the matter with AIFUCTO General Secretary and would take it up soon.

The leadership met Sri Ashok Dogra, Joint Secretary and Financial Advisor UGC and discussed the pending issues on 18th, May, 2010.It is understood the date for refresher courses had been extended to June.2011.

The AIFUCTO leadership had meetings with leadership of various political parties and submitted a document on the AIFUCTO stand-point on the Bills concerning higher education tabled in parliament and referred to the standing committee on HRD. The leaders met Sri Madhu, Member of the Parliamentary Standing committee to discuss how best the AIFUCTO could present its views before the Standing committee. He assured that he would do the needful to highlight our standpoint. The AIFUCTO leaders discussed the same matter with leaders of different political parties and sought their help in taking up the matter effectively


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